Chromatic Harmonica Chart

chromatic harmonica chart
Where can I find a note chart for a Chromatic Harmonica?

I just got a chromatic harmonica, and I’m looking for a note chart that clearly explains the notes drawn from each space, blown in/out, with the slide in/out. Anyone know where I can find one? Quick Google searches are coming up empty.

I think you are looking for this it is a pdf of the note scale

hope this helps

here is what you want with pictures i beleive,M1

Harmonica – Fascination – FD Marchetti

Mel Bay Harmonica Wall Chart

Mel Bay Harmonica Wall Chart


The Mel Bay Harmonica Wall Chart information for both diatonic and chromatic harmonica players.Included for diatonic harmonica:A chart of notes for all major keys and relative positionsNote layout for standard draw and blow bendingNote layout for over-bendingLee Oskar altered tunings, andThe most common scalesFor chromatic harmonica, the chart shows:Note layout for 10, 12 and 16 hole chromatic harmonicas, andComplete major and minor scales along with common modesFormat: Wall ChartSeries: Wall ChartPublisher: Mel Bay Publications, Inc.Date Published: 2/20/2003Difficulty: multiple levelsPage count: 1Binding: rolledSize: 24″ x 35″

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