Mgmt Kids Harmonica

“Kids” Cover by MGMT (Folk/Acoustic)

Harmonica design by Wild & Wolf

Harmonica design by Wild & Wolf


Harmonica with plastic case and instruction sheet – From Ridley’s House of Novelties: classic novelties, games, jokes, tricks, and magic. Great gifts for both kids and grown ups alike – in wonderful retro packaging! Classic Games Compendium includes Dominoes, Pick-Up Sticks, Marbles, Jacks, Wooden Yo-Yo with wooden storage rack.Wild and Wolf came about because of an overwhelming desire to design and create beautiful, exciting, original and of course Pretty and Useful things. “Seekers of the Unfound” as they refer to themselves, this UK-based gift company works closely with The Victoria and Albert Museum in London which has been an inspiration to designers for over 150 years.

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